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Your trusted partner

Wide World Forwarding’s expert team have the knowledge and experience you need to import and export goods in the Bahamas, to and from all destinations in the US and across the globe.

We’ll do the hard work for you

Since the majority of all goods are imported into the Bahamas, it’s vital that you are business partners with a licensed and bonded, experienced Import/Export agent who understands how the systems work.

Our skilled brokers will ensure your shipment clears Customs quickly and easily. We’ll help you with all aspects of the shipment, including the paperwork, regulations, restrictions, tariffs and duty.

Our experts are AA licensed and bonded by the Bahamian Government. They’ll calculate your duty rates, obtain all proper permits, post any bonds needed and complete or review all Customs paperwork.

The result? You avoid the usual import/export headaches, and any possible fines that could be incurred due to improper declarations. With WW Forwarding you’ll enjoy a smooth, stress-free import/export experience.


The complete brokerage service

We can handle every aspect of your import/export requirements. We also offer Inventory Consulting Services that cover:

  • Delivery
  • Purchasing process contracting and consulting
  • Shipping setup
  • Supplier/buyer identification
  • Warehousing


Recent ship service projects

WW Forwarding recently managed the import of the straddle carrier machinery cranes (each weighing in at over 40,000kg) for the start-up of Freeport Container Port.